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What we do

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What do we take charge of?
We take charge of the complete process of producing and making films, but not of distributing them; we look for, organize, deploy and manage all the resources needed to create.
What kind of films do we make?
We make both short and long films, and also both fiction and documentary (although our philosophy makes us to tend to fiction). We have experience in working with all those formats and styles, even mixing them.
What are we specialized in?
We are specialized in production, preproduction (script, storyboard), direction and editing. Our network of collaborators allows us to handle all the tasks for filming (light, sound…).
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We create characters for you
to live their stories.
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What is our equipment?
We have two complete professional shooting kits and one photography kit: Black Magic and Sony cameras; lens from telephoto to wide angle ones; led panels and Fresnel spotlights; shotgun, Lavalier and recording microphones; drone; slider and steady cam. We also have a soundproof studio provided with chroma key and vinyl screens.
What are we characterized by?
We are characterized by determination; the holistic understanding of the audiovisual work; the ability to generate demanding work environments but also mingled and pleasant ones; and the imagination to innovate and explore the limits of our skills, styles and resources.

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Why should you invest in our products?
Because we do not offer videos exclusively focused on selling or advertising, but videos that will contribute to build the story and the brand of the company firstly, and then to tell and transmit both two effectively.
What return do you get?
We narrate you brand through fiction to encourage demand and push your target towards your selling and distributing channels. The identification between your stakeholders and your company will also increase, since they will feel their own stories build the story of the company.
Which is the target?
The private, the public and the third sector; specifically, in the private sector, the businesses that work for final customers. Translating services are available for companies that export or are internationalizing.
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We build your story,
we narrate your brand.
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What kind of products do we offer?
Shorts of fiction and documentaries, webseries, infographics, videoclips, corporate advertising and publicity and videos of events. Videos will always adapt their language to the style of the company, and their characters will be designed according to its target.
Why videos and why fiction?
Because statistics prove that the video makes it easier to catch and retain information. Because the fiction makes that information less explicit and more attractive, and the recalling, more distinguished.
Do you make videos for online classes?
The crisis of the coronavirus has spread and increased the value of the online learning. Our studio offers a modern and optimized scenography to shoot these courses; moreover, it is equipped with the pedagogical resources we use in our own classes (screens, boards…). We want your videos not to be merely describing, but boosting your valuable content through the attractive, interest and originality of the audiovisual means (infographics, visual effects, soundtrack…).

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What is this product?
We design a website application, divided in categories, where videos, infographics or animation are inserted. By developing a software and installing a hardware, we achieve to make any surface become a touch screen, so the customer will be able to interact with the website app and the videos. You can watch a protype on this link.
Why digital, interactive and audiovisual?
Because we live in the digital era, and the digitalization is an opportunity to create value, get expanded and grow in competitiveness. Because we live in the era of participation, and customers demand companies to be more accessible and to get them more and more involved in their products and processes. Because we live in the era of the image, and the visual communication is the most universal and effective.
What do we take charge of?
We obtain the technology (portable frames, vinylic sprays) that makes any surface become a touch screen. We configure that technology and the device that is used as the computer of the system. We design the website application and we elaborate its graphic and audiovisual contents, adapting them to the place, target, sector and identity of the company. And finally, we take charge of the regular maintenance of the website application.
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With digital interactivity,
the customer is the leading actor.
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Which is the target?
The private, the public and the third sector; specifically, the organizations focused on commercial activity towards final customer (relationship marketing) or with informational needs. Translating services are available, so the website application and the videos may be used in international fairs and exhibitions.

Which is the price?
We have defined a basic standard, but the final price will be budgeted depending on factors like the complexity of the website application, its degree of customization or the number and characteristics of the videos. Hardware devices and hosting services will be paid as outlays.
Do you also design independent websites?
Yes, we also design and provide services of maintenance of corporate websites not related to the product described above. We develop them by source code (html, CSS, PHP, JavaScript), which allows more sophisticated, adaptable, versatile and customized informatic structures. And if needed, we generate the audiovisual contents for that website, of course.


Our products and services make the differentiation through their artistic and creative originality (their fictional inclination), the internalization of the value chain that ensures the client to keep always the control and that make us be more competitive in costs, the agility and efficiency when deploying the human and material resources, the professional management and the complete and personalized commercial monitorization.
Besides the network of stable collaborators, who gather all the professional profiles involved in an audiovisual production, we have two complete professional shooting kits, one photography kit, a studio and a network of suppliers and strategic partners (like advertising and marketing agencies, sociocultural institutions and associations and theatre academies).
We do not just tell stories: we narrate lives. That identity is also incorporated to the process, because it is during the process when the identity is shaped. That is why we want our customers to live a story while we make their videos. Therefore, we have designed a customer travel journey full of creative, participatory and fun experiences.
The customer will be the leading actor during all the stages of the purchase cycle and the creative process: we offer before and after-sales advice to adapt the product to their needs and to maximize its performance; they will be involved in the writing of the script and they will participate as members of the artistic and technical team during a journey of filming; and finally, a cinematographic first release will be organized to present the result for the first time.


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Foto de Angel

Ángel Daniel Íñiguez Pérez
Executive manager
Lawyer, economist and cultural manager
Foto de Ruben

Rubén Gabriel Íñiguez Pérez
Audiovisual communicator and
app developer
Foto de Cristina

Cristina Peralta Martín
Graphic designer
Plastic artist, philosopher and cultural manager
Foto de Marco

Marco Mondelli
Website designer and developer
Community manager

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